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Growing Tots | About Us

About Us

  • Learning is a continuous and constant process, and  pre-school education lays the foundation for the way your child will learn. It provides a smooth transition between home and formal schooling. Most importantly, it is the first step, away from home to promote self-esteem, socialize with peers, shed anxiety & fear, and identify unique qualities – all in a safe and secure atmosphere.

    At Growing Tots, we offer many meaningful learning opportunities for your child to satisfy their curiosity through innovative play, activities, song and dance resulting in joyful learning experiences that your child would cherish forever.

  • The first five years determines how the next eighty will turn out.

    — Bill Gates
  • Children of age group 2 yrs to 6 yrs are very sensitive and absorb information at a much higher rate than adults. Keeping this in mind, Growing Tots has adopted the Multiple Intelligence Theory by Howard Gardner, which is included in the curriculum and helps us observe the inborn talents of each child while encouraging them.

    Molding these little ones into good human beings with morals and ethical values is our motive. Having an experience of ten plus years in preschool education, we have gained the confidence to do our job with sincerity and commitment. Each child poses for us a unique experience of learning and teaching and with the help of parents and guardians we ensure the healthy psychological growth of your child.

    • Our History

      The Founders are mothers themselves, well-liked and respected in education with a variety of professional experience behind them. Their hands-on approach to their preschools ensures that your child is in a safe, secure and joyful environment while they climb the first few steps into their life.

    • Our Mission

      Our mission is to mould each and every child into a better human being, having morals and ethics, thus ensuring their contribution as a model citizen. Our aim is to educate all the children of Karnataka, and eventually India.

    • Our Vision

      It is our firm belief that each child is unique and special in their own way. Our approach in the classroom aims to identify and nurture the various qualities that define them, through enjoyable and entertaining methods. We endeavour to cultivate your child’s individuality in a positive direction so that they grow to be valued citizens of the world.