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Growing Tots | Our Curriculum

Our Curriculum

  • Theory of Multiple Intelligences

    The curriculum of Growing Tots is based on the Multiple Intelligence Theory proposed by Harvard University Professor of Education, Dr. Howard Gardner in 1983. This theory proposes there are eight different kinds of intelligences which are present in each individual in varying proportions. The curriculum focuses on overall development of all intelligences through play.

    A closer look at the Multiple Intelligence Theory

  • Picture Smart: Visual-Spatial Intelligence

    This kind of intelligence is seen in children through their drawings, paintings,response to colours and shapes etc. A child with strong visual-spatial intelligence may grow up to be in a creative field like graphic design, architecture etc. 

  • Word Smart: Verbal-Linguistic Intelligence

    A child with this kind of intelligence as dominant will often start speaking early. The child will be able to pick up multiple languages and may later join fields related to language, literature and public speaking.

  • Body Smart: Body-Kinesthetic Intelligence

    Sports, dance, surgery and physiotherapy are natural choices of profession for someone with high Body-Kinesthetic Intelligence. A child who is Body Smart will have good eye-hand coordination, or may be able to imitate dancers well.

  • Nature Smart: Naturalistic Intelligence

    An  affinity to plants, trees, flowers, insects and animals is a sign of Naturalistic Intelligence. A child who is Nature Smart might be inclined to a profession related to Botany, Zoology, Marine Biology etc.

  • Logic Smart: Logical Intelligence

    Numbers and reasoning is the strong suit of a child who is Logic Smart. They like to experiment, solve puzzles, and ask cosmic questions. Mathematics and Science will come easily to them and they might pursue these fields later in life.

  • Self Smart: Intrapersonal Intelligence

    A self aware child, who is attentive to their feelings and needs can be said to be Self Smart. They are empathetic and introspective, often comfortable in their own world. Potential career options include law, novel writing, psychology, philosophy, etc.

  • People Smart: Interpersonal Intelligence

    Social skills and making friends come easy to a child who is People Smart. Friendliness and awareness of others feelings are signs of a child who may grow up to join social work, psychiatry or leadership positions.

  • Music Smart: Musical Intelligence

    An  attraction to sounds, musical instruments, singing and rhythms might mean your child is musically inclined. Musician, singer, composer, sound engineer, song writer etc. could be the career options for a Music Smart child.

  • The environment and activities are conducive for your child’s in born potential to shine through while making sure other intelligences are also developed simultaneously. It is important to understand that no child fits into only one or two categories because each person is imbued with each of these intelligences, although some children may have a particular intelligence which is dominant. Still, it is possible to develop each type of intelligence to ensure an overall and holistic development of your child.