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Growing Tots | Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is the student-teacher Ratio?

    We have a healthy student-teacher ratio of 10:1. An assistant teacher or helper is always present in the class to aid the teacher.

    Are toys child friendly?

    We have specifically designed toys made from non-toxic materials and smooth/round edges which are completely safe for your child.

    What steps do you take to maintain cleanliness and hygiene?

    Floors and bathrooms are cleaned everyday with child-friendly disinfectants. Toys, books and mats are also cleaned every day. More thorough cleaning is done once a week to maintain a dust-free, germ-free environment.

    What is the cost of a particular programme?

    Information on specific cost of each program along with kits and uniforms is available at your nearest centre.

    What are the day care facilities provided?

    Day care facilities are provided on request from Monday to Saturday. Food sent by parents/guardians is fed to the child under the supervision of a teacher and helpers. Medication, if any, will also be administered as per instructions given. Day care activities include nap time, free play and rhymes. For information about the cost, please contact your nearest centre.

    We need transport facilities for our child. How can we avail of the same?

    Transport facilities are available on request for residences located within a 6 km radius. A licensed driver and a helper will assist your child in boarding and unboarding the vehicle. Utmost care is taken to ensure your child’s safety during transit.

    What are the arrangements made in case of an emergency?

    A first-aid kit is available at each centre in case of emergencies. Medical professionals can be called upon if necessary. Parents/guardians are informed immediately.